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Master Antenna Television (MATV) Installation Hobart

What is MATV?

MATV is short for Master Antenna Television. It is a distribution system that allows the centralised reception of television and radio signals and their subsequent distribution to multiple destinations within a building or an establishment. Unlike individual television antennas, MATV systems consolidate all incoming signals into a single, more manageable system, providing consistent and reliable signal quality across various points of access.

Applications of MATV

Residential Buildings

MATV is commonly used in apartment complexes and condominiums to provide residents access to a wide range of television and radio channels. By using a single antenna, building management can save space and reduce the clutter of individual antennas on rooftops.

Commercial Buildings

Hotels, hospitals, and office complexes also benefit from MATV systems. In these settings, MATV ensures that guests, patients, and employees have access to essential news, entertainment, and information.

Educational Institutions

Many universities and schools use MATV to distribute educational content across campuses, ensuring students and faculty can access important broadcasts and instructional programs.

Sports Arenas and Entertainment Venues

MATV systems play a critical role in sports arenas and entertainment venues. They enable the distribution of live events, replays, and promotional content to thousands of spectators simultaneously.

Advantages of MATV

Signal Consistency

MATV ensures uniform signal quality across all connected devices, eliminating the issues of signal degradation that can occur with individual antennas.


Cost Efficiency

Installing a single MATV system is often more cost-effective than equipping each unit or room with its own antenna and cabling.


Ease of Management

Centralised management simplifies the monitoring and maintenance of the system, reducing downtime and minimising maintenance costs.



MATV systems can be easily expanded to accommodate additional channels or devices, making them adaptable to changing requirements.

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