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What We can Do

If you’re currently suffering from poor TV reception and you’re unable to resolve its issues, you need assistance from a technician.

But why does this happen? Some factors could be cabling or high winds that cause antennas to be misaligned. Heavy rain can cause shorting and other issues. Storm damage is also typical, especially during electrical storms. 

Antenna Installation Specialists Hobart are the ideal team of antenna maintenance experts to call for any antenna related issue. We will determine the problem of your current antenna system and identify if anything is interfering with your reception using our specialised equipment.

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Antenna Maintenance Experts

Here at Antenna Installation Specialists Hobart, we don’t want our customers to suffer technical problems for an extended period. We aim to have a technician at your door within 24 hours. With our team of antenna maintenance experts, you’ll be enjoying your favourite TV shows back right away!

Our customers wouldn’t need to struggle when watching their favourite channels; we provide the best services in antenna and satellite installations. We provide digital antennas and television reception services that are personalised to suit your individual needs.

We also provide antenna maintenance in the East Coast

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Very quick and adjustable to our need on site.
Darrell B
Port Arthur
They were punctual and easy to communicate with. They did a good job.
Amin S
They had a quick and honest appraisal of the problem.
Ahmet B
South Hobart