TV Wall Mounting

TV wall Mounting Hobart

You probably purchased a new television, and what better way to enjoy your shows than a perfectly mounted TV set. While any homeowner can install their television on the wall, it takes skills and experienced hands to ensure proper TV wall mounting.

It may look easy on tutorial videos, but it’s actually harder than it seems. You need to know the perfect bracket that goes along with your television. The placement is also one essential factor to consider in making sure it suits your viewing preferences. If installed by inexperienced hands, you might be doing more harm than good to your new television. Electrical cables might be plugged in the wrong places and result in risks to the people installing it. Using the wrong bracket and poor wall mounting may damage the TV and the wall itself.

Now What?

Antenna Installation Specialists are the experts you can trust when it comes to TV wall mounting. We have been providing reliable TV installation and wall set-up services to many clients for several years. The best thing about our installation services is that we are very professional at what we do. 

We make sure to have the TV wall mounting done on a one-time basis, with minimal disruption in your home.

Safety Considerations

Getting your TV mounted on the wall puts it out of harm’s way. It is an excellent way to avoid accidents, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Our team at Antenna Installation Specialists makes sure that your TV is secured and well-attached, preventing them from falling over.

Choose the right bracket

We cater to all kinds of TV, regardless of size and weight. From our experience, we can readily determine the most suitable bracket for your television. We also offer advice on the placement that will give an optimal viewing experience for you and your family.

Get a sharp look

We can easily adjust the level of the TV wall mounting according to your preference. Our team can also choose a bracket that gives a slimmer layout. That way, you don’t only enjoy the best viewing experience, but such set-up also complements your home’s interior design.

Ask for a free quote

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Antenna Installation Specialists was very efficient and kept me informed at each stage.
Louise G
Cornelian Bay
Great service. They took on a difficult job and did it quickly and efficiently. Would recommend for sure.
Clare M
Very prompt in contacting us and talked us through options. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful
Rachel W
Coles Bay